Friday, March 7, 2014

What in the World Have We Been Up To?: Super Seuss-tastical Fun!

Are you ready to know the question to my March Currently answer?  :)  The question was this: What do you get when you try to make green eggs and ham and watch Horton Hears a Who at the same time? The answer was Chaos, Confusion and a blown fuse!

Well after that incident, there was no bringing my little sweeties back.  Last Friday I left school looking like this:

Nonetheless, we eventually got our eggs made, and we had a super Seuss-tastical week.  Here's some fun freebies to help you get through too!

We started off the week by reading Dr. Seuss's first book, And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street.  Then we wrote a new class book and invented our own fun things to see on our school street!

As you can tell, we have some serious Star Wars fans in our classroom... :)

We learned about the "-at" and "-am" word families...

And we made these cute "-am" family hats! :)  Click here to grab your hat template freebie.  They are super easy to make, all you need is a sentence strip or construction paper to make the headband!

P.S. This student likes to make up nonsense words!

We loved reading The Cat in the Hat and practiced using our prior knowledge to make predictions before watching The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.  

We had a blast making this cute house craftivity.  To make this book, all you need is a long piece of construction paper.  Fold both sides to the middle, then cut out a house shape and open.  Voila!

We wrote about what we would do if the Cat in the Hat came to our houses... and here's what they said:

This little girl was not a fan of the Cat!  :)

I thought this one was so cute... I loved the part "He will put me in to bed!"

Wacky Wednesday was insane!  The kiddos absolutely ripped our room apart looking for Thing 1 and Thing 2 on Wednesday morning when they came in, convinced that those were the culprits to all the mischief they found!  We quickly read Wacky Wednesday to understand what was happening and made a list of all the wacky things we found in our room.  When the kiddos came back from specials, all the mischief was gone!  :)

We also read Fox in Socks on Wednesday.  I went to Dollar Tree and picked up some socks for this fun real/nonsense sort!  You can grab this freebie by clicking here.  (I included sock words in the freebie, just in case if you don't have time to go running to the store...)

And we surveyed our classmates to see who was wearing silly socks...

I owe many thanks to Nicole from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten.  She really bailed me out by sharing so many fun freebies and ideas for this week!  We sorted, counted and graphed delicious goldfish in this fun activity...

And we had fun writing our own addition stories after reading 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  You can grab this fun freebie (and more awesome addition ideas) from Nicole's blog by clicking here.

On Bartholomew Thursday we made oobleck and wrote to describe it.  My teammate's oobleck turned out awesome; I unfortunately botched it!  Nicole has some more great oobleck freebies (writing to describe and a sink/float experiment recording sheet).  Grab them along with the goldfish graph by clicking here.

By Friday I was wiped out.  Then disaster struck as we were making green eggs and ham- we blew a fuse!  In the end we were able to get the eggs made and finish watching our movie.  Turns out they tasted pretty good!

We started our "How To" writing unit this week and I really wanted us to write how to make green eggs and ham, but between blowing the fuse and changing rooms and all the mayhem that followed, we just didn't get around to it.  (Oh well, there's always next year, right?!)  I hope you had a Seuss-tastical week and that your Spring Break comes soon!  :)

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