Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Senses Fun and a Friday Freebie!

With parent teacher conferences looming next week, can I say Thank God it's Friday any louder?  :)  Here's a look at some of the fun activities, art projects, and centers we've done for the past week learning about Our Five Senses.


Taste Class Book

We made a class book of our favorite tastes. I met with each group to work on the pages during our literacy rotations in the morning. For my lower groups, I directed them to sound out and spell only the first part of the word, and then I finished the rest. For my highest group I led them through sounding out and spelling the entire word.


"Scentsational" Name Writing

First, the students traced over their names in marker.  Then they traced over their names in glue (great fine motor practice!)  I had placed different distinctive spices in cups, which we smelled and tried to guess the name of (cinammon, pepper, and garlic).  The students then picked their favorite spicy smell to sprinkle over their names. 


Magic Paint Bags

First, my kiddos picked 2 different primary colors they'd like to mix.  I used large Ziploc bags, 1/2 cup of liquid cornstarch, and just estimated on the paint, adding more as needed.  They mixed the colors and viola!  Magic paint bags that we used all week for a variety of different activities! 

We used the magic paint bags for name-writing practice at the writing center all week.  With my lower groups, it was simply practicing writing their names using upper and lower-case letters.  With my higher groups they practiced writing their full names using upper and lower-case letters.  We also used the magic paint bags for number writing practice and free drawing in art!   

We also had "letter digs" in our sand table, again combining sense of touch and sight.  We combined sense of touch/smell with shaving cream painting in art!


Hear & Go Seek Everyday Sounds (Bingo)
To introduce sound, we talked about what do we use to hear?  Then my class closed their eyes while I proceded to make different sounds (bell chime, music sticks, etc.) and guessed the sound.  We took a sound walk outside and recorded what we heard in our science journals, and ended our exploration of sound with a round of Everyday Sounds Bingo!  You can purchase this great game from Amazon by clicking on the picture, or from Beckers' Shool Supplies.

Next year (I seem to say this a lot...) I want to use hair gel, glitter and food coloring for our magic bags, as detailed here.  I think the writing would appear for longer!  I also want to make scented playdough, do a scratch n' sniff painting project, and make a sound memory match game. I looked EVERYWHERE but no one has Easter Eggs in November!  :( 

Here are some of the great books we read or had available at the Listening Center this week. 

Lastly, check out this cute Five Senses Song we had a blast with all week!  Click on the image for the freebie!

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!


  1. What a cute song...thank you for sharing it. =)

    I know your kiddos loved all of the activities about their senses.

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