Monday, December 31, 2012

Bringing in the New Year with a Resolution & a BOGO

Happy (almost) New Year!  This year I'm linking up with DeeDee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for my Fitness Resolution.  It was a toughie for me to decide which one!  I wanted it to be a resolution I actually have a hope of keeping.  I figured technology is not going to be it (much as a I love technology, my current school doesn't even have functioning computers in the classroom, let alone all the other great stuff I love).  Downtime is much-needed, but I doubt it will be available much as a first-year teacher and first-time homeowner.  I do really badly NEED to get more organized, so that will probably be my secondary resolution!

In the end, I decided to go with fitness.  I'm sure many teachers can relate to working while going through college, working through your field experiences and student teaching, drinking excessive amounts of caffeine through it all, and then finding that teaching consumes your life and you need still more caffeine!  Wake up one morning (after four years of sleep deprivation and caffeine abuse) and find out you're a good fifteen (or thirty) pounds heavier than you were before- yikes!

This year my husband is helping me out.  We are going to try using the Atkins Carb Tracker app on our phones to eat healthier together starting in January!  We heard this app works great from some friends and are very excited to try it out.  It comes with lots of great features and is free, so we'll see!

My kiddos also made some resolutions this morning.  We talked about how a resolution is a special wish that people make on New Year's and work on all year long.  Here are some of theirs:

In other news, I've been sitting on this exciting news all week and I just have to get it out:


(Please excuse the excessive capitalization and exclamation points.  It's just so exciting!  And yes, products as in plural!  Yay!)

So to celebrate my first sales and bring in the New Year, I'm having a Buy One Get One Free Sale on all products at my store!  (Of equal or lesser value, of course).  I just reduced prices so this is a fantastic time to grab my Valentine's and Winter Digital paper packs, as well as some new items I just rolled out:

This sale is only running today and tomorrow (January 1st) so head over fast!  After purchasing your item, email me at and let me know the item that you purchased and the item that you would like to receive for free.  I will email it to you pronto!  Click on either of the two products above to be directed to my store.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Happy New Year!

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