Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gone Buggy for Signs of Spring {with some Friday Freebies!}

Happy Friday friends!  I hope your mornings started off better than mine.  I had nightmares all night about going on vacation with my husband!  (It's not what you think!  He's a great guy to vacation with!)  I dreamed we went to a beautiful island and stayed at a nice hotel, but once you got there you were trapped.  And every night one of those raptor dinosaur things ate a different person.  Then it went all James Bond style while we tried to escape to the airport.  It was funny it retrospect, but man last night was ROUGH!  Then I woke up late and was so out of it that I put body wash in my hair instead of shampoo.  Yikes!  All I can say is don't eat pizza and watch Jurassic Park immediately before bed time.  Very poor choice!  :)

Anyways, here's what we've been getting up to lately!  We've been learning about insects and signs of spring and going a little crazy.  :)  Read on for a picture palooza and some fun Friday freebies!  (I'm also trying something new with posting my pictures, let me know how you like it!)

The paper plate ladybugs were my favorite, they turned out so cute and look great hanging out by the windows in our classroom!

Just click on the picture to be taken to your inch worm hunt measuring freebie!  :)  We had a blast with this activity after reading Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni.  Note that I actually colored the worms in on the recording sheets for the kiddos (because it'd be really hard to carry around crayons and a clipboard!), but you can also use the worms just as a regular measuring activity.  Also, many thanks to Karen at PreKinders for the free pattern block mats and the sensory table inspiration!  The color by # butterfly sheet is from Making Learning Fun.

I was so bummed about forgetting my pretty flowers for Flutter N' Write the Room!  So I had to improvise with construction paper.  Still worked.  :)

Again, click on the picture to be directed to your sensory tub freebie!  :)

Many of the activities above (the Sound Stamp, Handwriting Racers, Ladybug/Bee Math Mats and Bee Bump Math Game) are from my upcoming spring unit, which I hope to finish this weekend.  I will let you know as soon as it's posted!

My Butterflies Flutter N' Write the Room activity is ready and rolling, however.  Check it out by clicking on the picture below!  (Guess what I just learned how to do... make collages using Picasa!  YAY!  Now I'm going to have to go back and do this for all my products!)

Lastly, here's a look at some of the great books we've been reading:

That's all friends!  Don't forget to check out everyone else's great freebies and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Jessica, your bug activities look like so much fun! I will be teaching a two week insect unit when we come back from break! Thanks for the great freebie and all the wonderful ideas!!!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Amanda! You're so sweet! :) By the way I need to respond to your email!

  2. Hey I like all the cute insect ideas! There is always so much to do with an insect unit! I will be doing an Insect theme sometime in May, and I am planning to include some of these ideas. My kiddos love playdoh, and I know they will love to have new playdoh mats to use.
    Btw- I posted details on my blog about my Blog Birthday Giveaway!! Come by and enter today!
    Have a fun weekend!

    Teaching Munchkins

    1. Thanks Sara! I can't wait to see what you do! :) I definitely had a lot of fun planning this unit. I'm having a hard time shifting my focus to weather! Thanks for the heads up, heading over there now! :)

  3. Girl, you will not believe what I just realized. HOW was I not following your blog already?!? I literally thought that I followed your blog MONTHS ago!! I still made my way over to you to check out your fabulous posts, so that must be why I didn't notice sooner. Sheesh.
    You are so awesome and so are all of your bug activities :) Your littles are lucky to have you. Love ya girl!

    Keepin’ It Kool In KinderLand

    1. Ha that is too funny! I didn't know that either! :) Well I'm glad you still found your way here, I love you too!

    2. P.S. Do you like the new picture thing? I figured it would take up less space this way!

  4. Love all your bug stuff! We are doing our bug unit in mid April, I will definatley be checking out your packs and thanks for the freebies and ideas!! I love your picture layout, it is very eye catching!

    Clearly Kindergarten

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