Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Classroom Chronicles Part One: Decor Galore Shopping Spree & a Fan Freebie!

As you know, I've got a brand new classroom this year!  This weekend I decided to do some shopping, hoping it would help me decide on my final color scheme (which I HIGHLY recommend.  Don't make any final color decisions before you see what's out there!)  Based on my so-called "research", here's the scheme I decided on:

During my six hour shopping spree I made a new best friend...

HOW have I lived for ten years only five minutes from one of these and never known about it?  I found so much great stuff for my classroom!  Get ready for a lengthy journey in pictures!

5' by 6' Area Rugs for $20!  AND it passes the color test!  Yay!

$3 Plastic Magazine File Holders (great for book shopping in Daily Five!) The turquoise matches GREAT but unfortunately the pink is a little too pink for orchid.

Sweet Storage Options.  I LOVE the stacking bins and the colorful crate seats!

Saucer Chairs (aka Moon Chairs)... not doing a jungle theme but MAN this was tempting!

More Zebra Print Stuff (for those of you that are interested)

Mini Moon Seats!  Man, how AWESOME would these be in the classroom library? And they're only $16!  If only they matched my color scheme! I suppose I could have bought and re-upholstered them... hmmm...

Classroom Pillows that DO match my color scheme... only $10!

Even scrapbook accents and fabric flowers!

Ready for some other stores?  Here's some cute stuff from Target...

Adorable Ornate Picture Frame!  Didn't pass color test.  Bummer. 

Another Adorable Ornate Picture Frame that DOES pass the color test!  Yay!

Cute Rosette Lamp that fails the color test by a hair and is a smidgeon too expensive.  (Hence why I got the plain $10 lamp at Big Lots; I can customize it anways!)

From wandering at Walmart...

Check out this $19 Suede Saucer Chair!  It's so comfy!  I almost bought a $50 saucer chair at JoAnn's that was a perfect turquoise but I'm so glad I didn't- it was $50 and final sale! (By the way, those are $1.88 ice cube bins- great for book shopping!)

And look!  It also lays flat on the ground!  (Not sure if it's supposed to do that; it just happened when I was trying to figure out how to close the darn thing... lol!)
Again, I'm not into the jungle theme, but if you are you might want to check out...

Zebra Contact Shelf Paper

Zebra Rugs

They also have some cute and cheap storage ottomans for $16 (and SUPPOSEDLY they are getting in an aquamarine/turquoise color, so we'll see!)  If you're doing a red/black theme you definitely want to check these out:

Lastly, let's take a look around Dollar Tree...

Pretty Paper Lantern Lights!

Variety of Plastic Bins... I was thinking of using these for center storage or book shopping baskets, BUT they are a little too flimsy and the wrong shade of purple.  UNFORTUNATELY, I did not do a color test before buying!  And Dollar Tree only does exchanges! (Moral of the Story: Take Your Crayola Color Shopping Everywhere!)

Here's the total haul from my Saturday Spree... 

I also ended up getting the Walmart saucer chair in black (just in case if the future turquoise doesn't match) and the ice cube bins (because I can't decide what I want to use for book shopping yet!)  I can't WAIT to get into my classroom and start sorting and figuring out how this is all going to turn out!

And you'll never believe what all this stuff fit into...

That's right, my two-door Chevy Cavalier!  Emich Junior kicks some serious car butt, no lies.  We have been through a lot together over the years... from learning how to park in a garage (the side mirror is decidedly battered now) to splashing through flash floods in search of the perfect classroom supplies.  Thanks for all your hard work this weekend Emich Junior, you rock!  I'm sorry you now smell like wet carpet.  :(

Ready for your freebie?  I FINALLY figured out how to set up my Facebook Fan Freebie Page!  You can pick up my new classroom's color scheme in four beautiful GLITTER pages by Liking my page and clicking on Fan Freebies!  Click on the link below and enjoy!


  1. so fun! It's like christmas!! Ok so it has to be our money that buys all the presents, but for some reason I don't care....I love making my classroom cute! I will have to look at some of the zebra stuff you showed, thanks...


    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) I know, the zebra theme keeps looking more and more tempting!

  2. NICE!! I can't wait to do all my Back to School shopping! (But we have a Disney trip in 2 days so I can't go Back to School happy yet!)

    I love the zebra print stuff..... I am still deciding on a classroom theme.....

    Teaching Munchkins

    1. Take me with you! :) lol I LOVE Disney, have a blast Sara! Don't worry there's still time!

  3. I love the color scheme! I am going to have to check out Big Lots. I can't wait to start back to school shopping.
    Fun in ECSE

    1. Thanks Kate! I never knew that Big Lots was so awesome before, you definitely have to check it out. Can't wait to see what you find!

  4. I love your color scheme! I am getting ready to get into my first classroom this year and I have decided on neons (blue, pink, orange and green). I actually bought those lanterns from the dollar store! They are so cute! Five below had a lot of great stuff as well, but I will def look into big lots! I also may have to steal your colors in the future!! :)


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Congratulations on your first classroom- stay in touch, I'd love to hear all about it! I had never heard of Five Below- looks great, it's a shame it's not in my state! :(


  5. Your color scheme looks great! I'm surprised you able to find so much in those colors honestly. What a great idea it was to take the "color swatches" of colored pencils with you!

    Creating & Teaching