Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Teaching Ideas: Color-Coordinated Shopping with a Crayola!

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I'm linking up for my first ever teaching idea Tuesday!  Today's tip is all about color-smart shopping.  One thing I have realized since I started shopping for my new classroom is that NOTHING EVER MATCHES.  Turquoise at Target doesn't mean turquoise somewhere else.  Turquoise within Target doesn't mean everything matches.  Even turquoise within the SAME BRAND isn't always the same!  What is a poor color-coordinated teacher to do?

Yes, that's right, take out a Crayola!  (No I'm not crazy!)  I cannot tell you how much time this has saved me with returns.  I just put my Crayola colored pencils that match my color scheme in my purse when I go shopping and I know right away weather or not it matches!  

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  1. So brilliant {and simple}! Excited to share this with everyone.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I am so excited that you commented on my blog, you're like one of my kindergarten blogging idols! :) Can't wait to see the updates coming to your blog by the way!