Sunday, November 17, 2013

What in the World Have We Been Doing?: Week 12 with 5 Senses

Happy Sunday!  I hope you're all having a good, relaxing weekend... (with Thanksgiving just around the corner, yeah right!)

Last week was seriously the BEST week ever.  We were grooving, that's for sure!  Here's some fun stuff we got up to...
Five Fat Turkeys Poem

This poem was AWESOME because we returned to it for a writing mini-lesson on periods (notice how the period goes at the end of the sentence, not at the end of every line).  

Five Senses Books

Every day we learned about a new sense and took a sense-specific walk.  On our Touching Walk we brought back in one object and wrote to describe it.  (I LOVE how this little girl put periods at the end of her sentences and not at the end of each line.  Yay!)

5 Senses Science: Writing to Describe Popcorn (Freebie!)

5 Senses and Science: Mystery Scent Bottles

I love, love, love this activity!  The kiddos had to use their sense of smell to predict what was inside each container.  The containers are from Oriental Trading and they are perfect- they even have little holes on the top for smelling!  The cubes inside are scented wax cubes from Walmart.

But I think my favorite part of this week was math work stations.  They just went so smoothly and all the kiddos were so engaged!  

Building Symmetrical Pattern Block Pictures

The kiddos absolutely adored this station.  They built the best symmetrical pictures!

And then of course I was blown away by this little one- a 3D symmetrical piece!  It's amazing what kids can do when we just let them have at it.  :)

Turkey Roll, Count & Write

Thanksgiving Count & Clip It

My Book of AB Patterns (Freebie from Kindergarten Crayons!)

Cornucopia Concentration

I just added this game to my Thanksgiving stations!  We are really working hard on teen number recognition and "counting on" from a given number (such as 10), and this game was perfect for both.  If you already purchased my pack you can get this game by re-downloading it!

Don't forget about these great books...

And that's all folks!  Hope you have a great Thanksgiving coming up!

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