Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday Treat for My Sweets: B2S Digital Paper Pack!

Happy weekend and welcome to the first installment of my summer fun fanfare!  Come stop by every Saturday for a sweet free treat.  If you like your tasty treat, you have a chance to snatch the related super steal of a deal- the sale starts on Sunday and lasts all week!

I am so excited to bring my first treat to you!  I've been wasting time watching tutorials working hard learning more about Adobe CS6 (which I bought and never touched invested in over winter break) and I've been creating like a storm.  Click on the picture below for your first fun freebie!

I hope you like these adorable back to school pencil papers!  They coordinate perfectly with my full School's Cool paper pack, which you can find in my store by clicking on the image below.

Are you ready for your STEAL OF A DEAL?!  This week's a doozy!  You have a chance to stock up on all your creative product cover needs for the next year and enjoy...

That's right!  Starting on Sunday, it's 50% off all digital paper products in my store for the next week.  This includes 50% off the already discounted price of my big bundles- which figures out to be 75% off should you choose to purchase the whole nine yards.  Come check out my bestselling big paper bundle and add it to your cart so you can snag it on sale tomorrow! 

Have a great weekend and happy summer!


  1. How long do I have to survive until payday? Food or that big paper bundle?? I HAVE been wanting to lose weight! :)

    1. I need to slim down this summer too! :) I'm seriously having a hard time not sneaking into the fridge. Luckily the big paper bundle is only $7.25 now and it's on sale all week, so I hope you get a chance to grab it! :)