Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Treat for My Sweets: B2S Math Surveys!

Howdy friends!  Welcome to the second installment of Saturday Sweet Treats!  If you're new around here, here's how it works:
  • Swing by the blog on Saturdays to snag a sweet free treat
  • See a sneak peak of the Sunday super steal deal item (or items)
  • Super Steal Sales start on SUNDAY and last all week!
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Your sweet treat today comes from my new math survey pack.  There are 3 fun back to school math surveys included!

Do you use surveys in your classroom?  If not, you should give them a whirl!  They were a top hit in our math stations all year.  My kinder kiddos (especially my boys) loved them, and they were a must-have for keeping my kinesthetic little learners engaged.  I know yours will love them too!

If you're interested in snatching up all of these fun surveys, check out your next sale steal!  Snag an entire year's worth of math surveys for only $2.25 starting on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday Treat for My Sweets: B2S Digital Paper Pack!

Happy weekend and welcome to the first installment of my summer fun fanfare!  Come stop by every Saturday for a sweet free treat.  If you like your tasty treat, you have a chance to snatch the related super steal of a deal- the sale starts on Sunday and lasts all week!

I am so excited to bring my first treat to you!  I've been wasting time watching tutorials working hard learning more about Adobe CS6 (which I bought and never touched invested in over winter break) and I've been creating like a storm.  Click on the picture below for your first fun freebie!

I hope you like these adorable back to school pencil papers!  They coordinate perfectly with my full School's Cool paper pack, which you can find in my store by clicking on the image below.

Are you ready for your STEAL OF A DEAL?!  This week's a doozy!  You have a chance to stock up on all your creative product cover needs for the next year and enjoy...

That's right!  Starting on Sunday, it's 50% off all digital paper products in my store for the next week.  This includes 50% off the already discounted price of my big bundles- which figures out to be 75% off should you choose to purchase the whole nine yards.  Come check out my bestselling big paper bundle and add it to your cart so you can snag it on sale tomorrow! 

Have a great weekend and happy summer!

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Summer Send Off: Gifts, Books & Freebies

Happy Friday friends!  :)  I finally got this post together (you know, a week after I actually sent my kiddos off... but better late than never, right?)

The kiddos LOVED their beach buckets!  Inside the buckets I put my Surfing Through Summer pack, a deck of cards, bubbles, crayons and envelopes (with one envelope already addressed to me).  My kiddos were so excited for their summer stationery that they just couldn't wait to write to me, even though I said to wait until they did something fun this summer.  One of my cuties wrote to me within an hour of getting home!

Letter-writing is definitely one of my favorite ways for the kinders to practice their writing skills.  It's authentic, meaningful and fun!  I've uploaded the summer stationery to my Facebook Fans Only tab- come check it out!

The kinders also got to take home one of their favorite class books.  Again, I'm all about authentic writing, so we have been some busy book-making bees this year!  I really wanted to make sure everyone got a book they liked, so here's what we did:
  1. Put a sticky note on each book.
  2. For morning sign in, each student wrote their name on the top 3 books they wanted.
  3. Using the process of elimination, I made sure everyone got a book they signed up for.  (So, for example, there were a few books with only one name on them.  I sent those books home with those students and then crossed their names off the other lists).

It was a long but worthwhile process!  I know some teachers take the books apart and send home each child's work, but I really wanted to keep the books together.

My class loved writing and reading their class books all year long- they were definitely the bestsellers in our classroom library!  I've been working on compiling my resources this year and getting ready for next, and I'm excited to announce my new creations...

These packs are LOADED with class books for nearly every subject imaginable throughout the year!  They come with...

You can grab both packs in a bundle for only $10- that's 30% off!  Best of all, these books can easily be adapted for Kindergarten or Pre-K (which is important because I'll be heading back down next year).

Happy Friday friends!  I hope you're all enjoying your well-earned summer vacation!