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Bringing in the New Year with a Resolution & a BOGO

Happy (almost) New Year!  This year I'm linking up with DeeDee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for my Fitness Resolution.  It was a toughie for me to decide which one!  I wanted it to be a resolution I actually have a hope of keeping.  I figured technology is not going to be it (much as a I love technology, my current school doesn't even have functioning computers in the classroom, let alone all the other great stuff I love).  Downtime is much-needed, but I doubt it will be available much as a first-year teacher and first-time homeowner.  I do really badly NEED to get more organized, so that will probably be my secondary resolution!

In the end, I decided to go with fitness.  I'm sure many teachers can relate to working while going through college, working through your field experiences and student teaching, drinking excessive amounts of caffeine through it all, and then finding that teaching consumes your life and you need still more caffeine!  Wake up one morning (after four …

Welcome Winter Sale!

Like many of my fellow friends, I'm throwing a sale!  Still haven't finished my winter centers pack (working on that...) but I did create some cute Winter and Valentine's Day themed digital paper sets.  Check them out by clicking on the pictures below!

And, because I got this out so late, I'm extending my sale to run through Wednesday, December 26th.

Holiday Customs & Belated Friday Freebies

Saturday is here and Christmas Break has begun!  Well, in my case it's a 4 day weekend, but I'll take it.  I confess I am very jealous of my peers right now that get a two week break.  But I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a good break, and I can't wait to see the exciting stuff you create!  :)

What a busy week it has been!  Between practicing for the Holiday Song Program, doing the Holiday Song Program, recovering from the Holiday Song Program, I'm not sure how we accomplished anything at all!  But accomplish we did, and largely thanks to you, my wonderful fellow blogger teachers!  I am so thankful for the great resources you make and share, they were a lifesaver this week for sure!  Here's a look at our week of Holiday Customs Around the World:

Snowflake Craft Stick Ornaments (Parent Gift)

These turned out so great!  I poured some craft (tacky) glue a bowl and they used Q-tips to place glue onto their gemstones.  Then, they put the gemstones onto t…

My Thankful Heart {Valentine's Day Freebie}

Nothing like walking into your room on Monday morning to a fresh batch of Christmas cookies and goodies because I'm "the best teacher ever".  :)  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful class!

I have to admit that I'm feeling guilty about posting today.  There are so many families and teachers who do not get to laugh with their children this Christmas, who never get to hug them again.  All I can do is pray that God brings His incredible power to this place and brings healing to all our broken hearts.  It's so terrible, I don't even know what to say or think or do.  I can't comprehend that we live in a world where I have to wonder if my kiddos and I are safe.  All I can do is pray, and pray, and pray.

I am so thankful for my class and their supportive, caring parents; my colleagues and my friends (especially the teacher support I have found from the blogging world) and my wonderful husband and family.  I've been trying to creatively work out my feeli…

Signs of Winter & Friday Freebies

Okay, let me ask right off the bat: is your class going crazy a sign of winter?!?!

Speaking of more signs of winter, it SNOWED this week!  Yay!  Loved teaching my kiddos how to play Fox and Geese in the snow.  It's a shame it wasn't sticky enough to make a snowman, but we did follow these animal tracks all over the playground and had lots of fun speculating what it might have been.  My favorite guess is that it was a baby camel!  :)

Crazy unusual behavior aside, most of this week was wonderful!  We did so many fun and creative things I can't wait to share with you.  Here's a look at our art projects, math, science, and writing center activities, plus great books we read this week.  Here goes:

Snowy Bear Scene
I LOVE how these turned out.  On the day we learned about animals that hibernate, the kiddos cut out a bear and cave that I had traced onto construction paper.  I was a little hesitant about the bear, but I decided to let them go for it and I'm so glad they …

12 in 12!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Wow, has this week been busy or what?  Feeling rather jealous tonight of my teacher friends who actually get a winter break!  I could definitely use some down time to recharge (and get my Christmas shopping done... why do I always procrastinate about that?!?!)  
Well tonight I'm linking up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher and Ms. Kindergarten for their 12 in '12!  Don't forget to link up too and fill us all in on your year!  
12. Favorite Movie You Watched

Have you SEEN this movie?  You must!  It was so inspiring.  I cried so much at the end, even though I knew what was going to happen.  :(  I can't imagine what it would have been like to personally know such a great man.
11. Favorite TV Series

Favorite book series of this year as well!  :)
10.  Favorite Restaurant

Which, my husband informs me, is not a true restaurant but oh well!  I think I have a salt deficiency or something, because lately I've been getting the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and add…