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A Tufted Tree Measurement Treat!

Hi bloggy buddies!  Hope everyone is having a good week so far!  We are busy learning about animals and animal homes, but on Friday we are going to celebrate You Know Who's Birthday!  :)

In honor of the occasion and our new measurement math unit, I made this cute tufted tree measurement freebie for everyone.  Just click on the picture to be directed to the download!  You can use these trees as a sorting activity or the kiddos can measure them with cubes (recording sheet included!)

Families & Freebies on a Friday... err... Monday!

Happy Friday!  Er, Monday?  Well, originally I was going to post this on Friday but I had no time (big surprise, right?) so here it is on Monday!  Here's a peek at our fun Families unit from last week, with a few freebies for my bloggy family!  :)

George Washington Color by Number
Many thanks to Maria at Kinder-Craze for this great freebie!  On Tuesday we learned a little bit about what a President does and why we celebrate President's Day.  Pick up Maria's great freebie at her blog by clicking here.
Paper Bag Houses
Love how these houses turned out!  
Family Trees
Some of my kiddos were even able to write most of the names on their family tree!
Magazine Family Hunt
Are you ready for your first freebie?  Click on the picture to grab your own copy of this fun family magazine picture hunt!  The kiddos cut out pictures of people in magazines and placed them in the category they thought fit: mommies/daddies, grandmas/grandpas, brothers/sisters, and pets.
Families Have…

Saturday Treat for My Sweets: Lucky Lacing Cards

Yay for the weekend!  I have got a serious load on my plate right now (the least of which is taxes), so hopefully I can post about our families unit later.  BUT I made this cute freebie for everyone because I am SO EXCITED for St. Patrick's Day!  My kiddos loved the Christmas and Valentine's Lacing Cards from Karen at PreKinders, so I thought I'd make my own for St. Patrick's Day (and Easter; those will be up on the blog later)!  Just click on the picture to be directed to your freebie!

Before I go, let me leave you with some great giveaway news!  I will be hosting an upcoming 100 Follower Giveaway soon (8 more followers to go!).  Some great blog buddies of mine who will be contributing are also having a giveaway right now that you NEED to check out!

That's all my friends!  Hope you have a great weekend!  I'm off to finish those progress reports, plan for a corporate visit next week, work on taxes and all that other stuff on my 3 page To-Do List right now.  An…

Gearing Up for Easter and St. Patrick's with Dollar Deals & a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Saturday!  :)  I hope everyone got to sleep in late today!  I woke up early to get in some shopping before I took my mom to the spa for a pedicure for Valentine's (it's the only time I can get her to slow down and get off her feet!)  I NEVER want to be stuck like two weeks ago when I found myself scrambling to find cool supplies for Valentine's Day centers because no one had anything left.  Very sad.  So I said to myself, "Never again!" and I went shopping.  I'm trying to consider it as being proactive rather than being a shopaholic.  :)

So I went to Dollar Tree first.  Here are some things I found:

Easter Grass & Eggs

How cool are these carrot eggs?  I can't wait to use them in the sensory table!
Easter Bunny Headbands & Flower Table Scatter

Yeah, you know we're gonna wear these!  :)  I even got blue bunny ears for the boys and pink bunny ears for the girls.  I'm thinking the kiddos can wear them while digging through the sensory bin …

Friday Feelings, Communication, Valentine's & Freebies

Wow, what a crazy busy week!  (But then again, what week isn't?)  First of all let me say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful week with your class filled with lots of love.  Our party was great yesterday, I just wish I had Monday off to recover!  (On Monday we are having a staff training day... and get this... I'm presenting on Positive Discipline!  Super excited but super nervous.  I mean, I don't really feel "old" enough yet to be teaching other teachers on classroom management!)

Before I start gabbing about this week, I need to tell you how much I love the "If You're Happy and You Know It" Song!  We sang this great song all week and substituted different feelings/actions.  The best part is I always end with some lyrics of my own invention, "If you're ready and you know it take a seat/If you're listening and you know it look at me," so on and so forth.  :)  GREAT song for transitions and learnin…