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Oceans of Winners!

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!  You know what that means... the day to do everything you didn't do Saturday!  :)  I need to switch that around somehow.  I think I would be happier on Monday if I relaxed on Sunday versus Saturday.

ANYWAYS, it's complete!  My Oceans of Fun Math & Literacy Packs.  That means it's time for one really lucky winner... (I know there were 14 comments but one of them was mine so it doesn't count!)

And lots of other lucky winners that get to receive my Oceans of ABC's practice pack!  I will email you all the pack shortly.

You can get the bundled pack at my store for 20%, plus an additional 20% because I'm having a sale on everything till April 30th!  Head on over to my store and come check them out!  Here's some fun stuff that's included...
Sea Sound Spin (Beginning Sounds)
Crab Count & Clip It (#'s 1-20)
Seashell Segmenting (CVC, CCVC and CVCC Words)
Thanks everyone and have a great week!

Oceans of Friday Fun, Freebie and a Flash Giveaway!

Happy Friday friends!  WOW what a busy time of year this is.  My head is spinning, but I wanted to take some time to share the fun we've been having learning about the ocean.  Read on for some freebies AND a flash giveaway!  :)

First of all I'm sorry I wasn't able to snap very many pictures this week!  In between job hunting, finalizing summer field trip calendars, planning for PreK Continuation, and getting ready for conferences I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  But here's what I DID manage to get snapshots of this week:

Here's some of the great books we read this week... Widgets
The activities above are from my new Oceans of Fun Math & Literacy packs!  The Literacy pack is up and posted to TPT; I hope to put the finishing touches on the Math pack this weekend.  Which brings me to my FLASH Giveaway!  One lucky follower will receive both of my new packs.  Just leave a comment below (make sure to include your email addres…

Under the Sea Freebie!

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great Monday!  Here's a treat to see you through the week...

This CVC freebie is a part of a larger Ocean-themed Roll Say Keep series (including more CCVC, CVCC, Sight Words and Alphabet Recognition).  Check out the complete set at my store by clicking here!

Don't forget to check out the other great freebies at Manic Monday...

And I'll see you Friday with more Ocean-themed fun and freebies!

My Job Hunt Journey Part One: The Basics

Welcome to my Job Hunt Journey Part One!  I'm sorry I've fallen off the face of the Earth.  I promise I've bookmarked all your amazing recent posts in my "To Check Out" folder!

What's been consuming my time?  The Job Hunt, of course!  Thanks everyone for the great advice and encouragement.  I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and praying and I decided to take the plunge and start applying for a new position.  So far I've only been applying for Kindergarten because that is definitely where I feel called (so much for all my student teaching and field experiences in 6th grade!)

I've been doing a LOT of research (on the web, job fair magazines, etc.) on how to get a teaching job and I decided to share what I've learned in a series of blog posts!  I hope it's helpful to have all the following great information in one place.  So, let's get down to it... the basics!

To sum up all the most repetitive advice I received, I would say thi…