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Talking, Drawing, Writing Chapter 3: Drawing

I'm back for Chapter 3!  Sorry it's a day late, I had an interview yesterday and couldn't concentrate on anything else!  I'm getting observed this Friday for an hour before they make their final decision so PLEASE keep me in your prayers this week friends!

Here's what stuck with me from Chapter 3:

For young children, drawing is writing.  Drawing is how young children represent and understand meaning.  (For example, my students almost always first start making connections to text through illustrations.  Even now they tend to base predictions of books based more on the cover than the actual title).Drawing is an essential step in language development (particularly in connecting thought and speech).Drawing allows children to go deeper in their stories! I definitely need to teach about drawing next year.  It's the primary way in which my four year-olds communicate!  Frankly, I'm amazed they developed as much as they did considering I never did a single mini-less…

Ten Pin Linky Party: Classroom Decor

I was so excited when I saw this linky party and knew I just had to join!  (Not like I spend enough time on Pinterest anyway, right?)  Check out the fun at Ashley's blog by clicking on the picture above!  Here goes... (I give you fair warning- I'm a polka dot addict!)

#1- Cute, editable and totally FREE polka dot labels from Miss Kindergarten Love!

#2- Speaking of polka dots, I LOVE all of Erica's cute stuff, especially this fun and bright Birthday Board with the kiddos holding the number of their birthday!

#3- While we're talking about free things, Cara Carroll made these adorable schedule cards!

#4- Classroom themes from Clutter-Free Classroom (literally every theme imaginable!  Tons of ideas and resources!

#5- Spice rack for those little art supplies (googly eyes, sequins, etc)!

#6- How to decorate clear plastic draws from Maria at Kinder-Craze!  Love her!

#7- 21 Ideas for organizing your classroom library from A Modern Teacher- great ideas!

#8- Speaking of librari…

Talking, Drawing, Writing Chapter 1: Storytelling

I FINALLY got my book today and couldn't wait to start reading!  I just devoured Chapter 1 and am already inspired.  Here's what stuck with me...

Start the year with Storytelling.  Um, big "Duh" moment for me!  Next year we are definitely going to set aside time for oral storytelling.  It makes perfect sense!  Don't we start teaching syllables, segmenting, blending and the like orally?  Why wouldn't you do the same with stories?  I can see how this will lead to great improvement next year in my students' writing.  All year long I couldn't understand how they could tell such detailed stories, but not translate those details to their writing- well duh, I need to teach and role-model the connection between the two!

Writers tell stories about what they know.  This year I noticed my kiddos tended to write stories similar to books we had recently read, and I now know it's because I didn't spend enough time at the beginning of the year building their …

Currently June

Has it really been a month?  Where did May go?!?!  (Oh yeah, I think I remember something about assessments and graduation and planning field trips for summer camp...)

Well now that it's June it's time to link up with the lovely Farley!  Here's what's happening...

Listening- Okay bloggy buddies, am I the only one who is constantly listening to music?  (Hence the vacation essential below)... but I've hardly ever seen anyone put that they're listening to a song!

Loving- My family.  They have been so supportive through my (so far unsuccessful) Job Hunt Journey and all the craziness that entails.  I especially love my mom- "Well one day when you're Teacher of the Year you'll look back on all this and it will feel like a lifetime ago."  She is definitely my biggest fan!  :)

Thinking- About a weekend getaway coming up for me and the hubby!  Also I'm considering going to grad school in the near future- any degree suggestions?  I am leaning towards a…