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Tuesday Teaching Ideas: Best Book Shoppin' Buys for Daily 5

Welcome back for another Tuesday Teaching Idea!  Are you using Daily 5 in your classroom?  Have you wondered what you should use for your kiddos' book shopping baskets?  Today's Tuesday Teacher Tip is all about your different options and the pros and cons of each (with photos)!

Meet the Contenders:

Storage Tote (Dollar Tree), Sterilite Ice Cube Bin (Target), Plastic Magazine Holder (Big Lots), FLYT Cardboard Magazine File (IKEA) Not Pictured: Mainstays Ice Cube Bin (Walmart)
First, let's do a price point comparison!

Yellow Dollar Tree Storage Tote: $1.00 (*Note that you can only exchange at Dollar Tree, not return) Sterilite Ice Cube Bin from Target: $3.99 Big Lots Plastic Magazine Holder: $3.00 IKEA FLYT Cardboard Magazine File: $1.99/5 pack (*Best Value!) Mainstays Ice Cube Bin: $1.88
Now let's do a book weight test!

Total Fail Walmart!

The Dollar Tree yellow storage tote starts getting off balance at about 8 books.  The more books you add the more stable it gets- howev…

Classroom Chronicles Part One: Decor Galore Shopping Spree & a Fan Freebie!

As you know, I've got a brand new classroom this year!  This weekend I decided to do some shopping, hoping it would help me decide on my final color scheme (which I HIGHLY recommend.  Don't make any final color decisions before you see what's out there!)  Based on my so-called "research", here's the scheme I decided on:
During my six hour shopping spree I made a new best friend...

HOW have I lived for ten years only five minutes from one of these and never known about it?  I found so much great stuff for my classroom!  Get ready for a lengthy journey in pictures!
5' by 6' Area Rugs for $20!  AND it passes the color test!  Yay!
$3 Plastic Magazine File Holders (great for book shopping in Daily Five!) The turquoise matches GREAT but unfortunately the pink is a little too pink for orchid.
Sweet Storage Options.  I LOVE the stacking bins and the colorful crate seats!
Saucer Chairs (aka Moon Chairs)... not doing a jungle theme but MAN this was tempting!
More Z…

Tuesday Teaching Ideas: Color-Coordinated Shopping with a Crayola!

I'm linking up for my first ever teaching idea Tuesday!  Today's tip is all about color-smart shopping.  One thing I have realized since I started shopping for my new classroom is that NOTHING EVER MATCHES.  Turquoise at Target doesn't mean turquoise somewhere else.  Turquoise within Target doesn't mean everything matches.  Even turquoise within the SAME BRAND isn't always the same!  What is a poor color-coordinated teacher to do?

Yes, that's right, take out a Crayola!  (No I'm not crazy!)  I cannot tell you how much time this has saved me with returns.  I just put my Crayola colored pencils that match my color scheme in my purse when I go shopping and I know right away weather or not it matches!  
Don't forget to share your great teacher tips at Teach Junkie and come back TOMORROW for more great finds from my shopping trip this weekend- and a fun freebie!

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway while you're here and join me in celebrating my n…

Hellos, Goodbyes & a Giveaway

Hi friends!  As some of you may have noticed, my blog has gotten a new look lately because... [insert drumroll] I'm going to be teaching Kindergarten in August!  I'M SO EXCITED!  I'll try to refrain from excessive capitalization and exclamation points, but it'll be tough.  :)

Here's some snapshots of my new room (currently an overflow/storage/music room)...

Hello New Room!
Hello Promethean Board and Mac!  Goodbye Piano!  (This will be a learning curve... I've only used SMART and PC!)
Hello Big Honkin' Teacher Desk! (Never had one before... not sure what to do with it!)
Hello Beautiful Big White Board! (No, I Can't Say Goodbye to the Ugly Metal Shelves... and I can't paint or mod podge them either... but don't worry, my creative side is working on alternative ideas!)
Hello Fabulous Creative Co-Workers I Can't Wait to Meet!  (Isn't this pointer ADORABLE?  Haven't met her yet but I loved checking out her classroom!  My principal kindly took …

Talking, Drawing, Writing Chapter 5: Writing Words and Why I Take Forever to Read Professional Books

Hello again!  Back for Chapter 5!  You may be wondering, why does it take me so dang long to post for the book study?  Well my friends, it's because I am a slow professional book reader.  Back in college I read like a maniac and never absorbed my textbooks.  Now I read for meaning and always "code the text" so that I can find what I need in a flash later.

And being the organizational freak that I am, I also have to use a highlighter and sticky notes that are color-coded to the book's cover.  :)

Anyways, this chapter is my FAVORITE so far.  One thing I struggled with last year was getting my pre-kinders to write words in their stories.  Now I know how!  Here's what I took from this chapter:

Do Lots of Interactive Writing!  I was pretty good at this.  We shared the pen on a regular basis all year long, right from the get-go!  Here's an example of a shared writing we recently completed:  
For the first part of this shared writing, I modeled my thinking and how t…