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Super Sweet Sales (Early Bird & Cyber Monday!)

Hi friends!  Just wanted to give you a heads up on some great sales coming up.  For all my Early Bird friends, there's a TON of sellers participating in this (including me!)

Here's some sweet new stuff I created for Christmas!

Take a peek inside...

And I just finished up some new (and editable) Roll Say Keep games for Christmas and Winter!  These include practice for letters/sounds, CVC words and sight words!

Don't forget to swing by on Monday and Tuesday for the BIG one- TPT is giving an additional 10% off all purchases.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What in the World Have We Been Up To: Week 13 of Thankfulness

I can't believe I'm back and posting somewhat regularly!  (We'll see for how long...)

Totally missed my Bloggiversary AND my birthday though.  Sorry guys!  BUT I can promise a good long post with some fun ideas and freebies ahead.  :)

Here's what we've been up to in Kinder Krazy Week Before Thanksgiving Land...

Turkey Hand Prints and Picture Frame Gifts
Aren't these adorable?!  And they were super easy to make.  I picked up the unfinished wooden frames at Michael's for only $1 (I also saw Walmart has some).  The buttons were ridiculously expensive though.  Why are buttons so expensive?!?!
Pilgrim Craftivity
I can't believe how many craftivities we completed this week!  I go back and forth with these things.  On the one hand I'd rather we be making something authentic, like a class book.  On the other hand I need cute things for our hallway.  Hence these paper plate pilgrim cutie pies (which followed after an illustrative mini-lesson on eyes).  Here&#…

What in the World Have We Been Doing?: Week 12 with 5 Senses

Happy Sunday!  I hope you're all having a good, relaxing weekend... (with Thanksgiving just around the corner, yeah right!)

Last week was seriously the BEST week ever.  We were grooving, that's for sure!  Here's some fun stuff we got up to...
Five Fat Turkeys Poem
This poem was AWESOME because we returned to it for a writing mini-lesson on periods (notice how the period goes at the end of the sentence, not at the end of every line).  
Five Senses Books
Every day we learned about a new sense and took a sense-specific walk.  On our Touching Walk we brought back in one object and wrote to describe it.  (I LOVE how this little girl put periods at the end of her sentences and not at the end of each line.  Yay!)
5 Senses Science: Writing to Describe Popcorn (Freebie!)
5 Senses and Science: Mystery Scent Bottles
I love, love, love this activity!  The kiddos had to use their sense of smell to predict what was inside each container.  The containers are from Oriental Trading and they a…

What in the World Have We Been Up To? Week 11 with Elections

Where did the weekend go?  How can it seriously almost be Thanksgiving?  (And our JK/K Info Night... and our belated Grandparent's Day Celebration... EEK!)

So naturally I should be spending my time blogging about all the awesome fun we're having.  :)  Here's some of what we got up to last week learning about elections!

We spent a lot of time learning about what elections are and why they are fair.  We also talked a little bit about the President and what we think they should do...

If I Am the President Flag Writing Craftivity
Too cute!  I think this next one is my favorite... (shhh!)

We also voted on our favorite snack and tallied/graphed the results, but I forgot to snag a picture!  Darn.
Turkeys started creeping in to our math stations... Click on the pictures to be taken to the awesome products!
Feast Flip Five Addition Game
Turkey Hunt Number Recognition Game
Roll a Turkey Shape Game (FREEBIE in the preview!)
Ballot Bingo Game (Editable FREEBIE!)
Here's some great books…