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Spring Subtraction Tips, Tricks & Freebies!

We are working hard on refining our subtraction skills this spring (especially remember the difference between the +/- sign!).  Before we bust out the number line as a subtraction strategy, I want to make sure they really understand that subtraction is taking away.  I've put together some fun freebies for you as well!
My first freebie is a fun twist on using manipulatives to model subtraction!  I'm sure you've seen some variation of subtraction bowling on Pinterest.  I was so excited last year when I ran across this bunny jax set at Walmart!  Oriental Trading also sells a mini-bunny bowling set, which you can check out here.  (The Oriental Trading Set has 10 pins instead of 8; I included recording sheets for both numbers just in case).  We'll be playing this fun game during math stations around Easter.  Click on the picture for your freebie!

My next freebie comes from my Spring Easy Peasy Printables Pack and is great for reinforcing the steps to problem solving!  We&#…

What in the World Have We Been Up To?: Super Seuss-tastical Fun!

Are you ready to know the question to my March Currently answer?  :)  The question was this: What do you get when you try to make green eggs and ham and watch Horton Hears a Who at the same time? The answer was Chaos, Confusion and a blown fuse!

Well after that incident, there was no bringing my little sweeties back.  Last Friday I left school looking like this:

Nonetheless, we eventually got our eggs made, and we had a super Seuss-tastical week.  Here's some fun freebies to help you get through too!

We started off the week by reading Dr. Seuss's first book, And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street.  Then we wrote a new class book and invented our own fun things to see on our school street!

As you can tell, we have some serious Star Wars fans in our classroom... :)

We learned about the "-at" and "-am" word families...

And we made these cute "-am" family hats! :)  Click here to grab your hat template freebie.  They are super easy to make, all …

March Currently

Can you believe it's March already!?!  Where did the time go?  How can Spring Break be so close and yet so far?  :)

Wanting: Okay, so my principal isn't like this, but this really made me laugh!  :)  My observation was on Thursday and I find out how things went on Monday... glad I don't have to wait for 10 days like some of you said was the norm on Facebook!
And I really want to see my husband more than one day a week.  This opposite schedule thing is really hard to deal with.  :(
???: The answer?  Chaos, Confusion and a Blown Fuse.  The question?  Take a guess!  (You'll find out if you stop by the blog tomorrow... and pick up a fun freebie for You-Know-Who's Birthday!)
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