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Review Ramblings and a Belated Friday Freebie

Happy Friday Saturday!  Sorry this post is late, but I got my laptop in the mail yesterday!  Yay!  I couldn't wait to turn it on and start to learn how to use the new Windows 8, which (as you could have predicted) was an exercise in utter frustration.  Why are you only able to properly install Google Chrome through the desktop rather than the Start Screen?  Why isn't there a Facebook or Pinterest app for Windows 8?  And why is Google Chrome insisting that the Forever 21 website is in Dutch?  :)

Anyways, this week our theme was Week in Review.  I decided we were going to carry on with Thanksgiving a bit, rather than spend one day for each theme we had this month.  I had several kids absent last week due to sickness or vacation, so it worked out pretty well.  I also integrated nutrition and the five senses back in, but in the context of Thanksgiving dinner!

We started the week by sharing our Thanksgivings (which was a lengthy process and involved some very interesting information, including aliens and make-believe road trips!)  Then we turned the topic of discussion around to Thanksgiving dinner.  One of our first shared writings this week was to record what we ate for Thanksgiving dinner.  The next day, we went through our list and labeled each food as either Green Light, Yellow Light, or Red Light.

We had a blast this week with shucking corn.  My kiddos were fascinated!  None of them had ever shucked corn before, so I let them de-husk ears of corn and explore it with their senses.  It was so messy but so awesome.  :)  We compiled what we discovered in a shared writing (e.g. yellow, hard, bumpy) and then painted with the corn during art.

We also read this cute "Five Little Turkeys" poem.  We spent some time with this poem.  With my highest group we focused on finding the rhyming words and generating more rhyming words; my lower groups focused on more letter T awareness and tried to find all the upper and lowercase T's in the poem.

The next day we read the poem again and practiced visualizing what was happening as I read it, and then they illustrated it in their poetry journals.

During math this week we focused on recognizing various 2D shapes with different orientations (e.g. upside down, sideways, etc).  We also played "Go Shapes," a 2D shape version of Go Fish that is included in our math curriculum.

We also did some number review by coloring the adorable color by number turkeys from Kinder Craze, which you can download for free by clicking here!

And now for my belated Friday freebie!  For our morning brain break this week, we sang this cute Thankerchief song while passing around a bandanna.  It was a great way to start the morning and I loved hearing what my kiddos shared (God, kitties, brothers and sisters, etc).  Click on the picture for the freebie.

Happy December everyone!  I can't wait to see what everyone's doing in their classrooms for winter and Christmas!


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