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Tales of a Target Teacherista: Goodies & a Giveaway!

Having a love affair with Target is nothing new for teachers.  I've tried to save myself (and my wallet) all summer, so when I headed in yesterday it was like stumbling across an oasis in the desert!  Naturally I can't keep all the great things I found to myself.

Mmmm guided reading supplies!  The Eric Carle bags are absolutely adorable for sending reading bags home.  The word strips I use for Mix N' Fix (scrambled sentences) during guided reading.  I model making a connection and writing it down in a sentence, cut it apart and mix it up, and the kiddos help me fix it.  Then they write their own connection down on the small sentence strip whiteboards.

I love these card sorts, puzzles and bingo games for skill-building in small groups!

It wouldn't be a true Target trip if I didn't stock up some stickers, stamps and organizational goodies.  :)  I love the cute buckets with chalkboard/dry erase surfaces and color-coded baskets (great for turn-in work).  I go through a lot of stickers because each Tues/Thurs the kids bring back their guided reading back, they get a sticker for each sentence they wrote about the book in their journals!

Aaand I may have bought the same skirt in 2 or 4 different colors.  With matching cardigans.  And some coordinating scarves.  :)

Have you been craving a trip to Target but need some extra cash?  Enter the giveaway below and gain extra entries by sharing the good news with your friends.  Good luck!

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